About Us

Why SoulCentre?

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre and has won numerous awards for the quality and effectiveness of its training programs.

SoulCentre works with individuals, groups and companies around the world, to bring happiness and success to all aspects of life and business.

It leads the field in terms of the depth of wisdom, professional training standards and client results.


With close to 40 years of corporate experience between them, Vikas and Sally left their senior executive roles and combined their strengths to open SoulCentre.

They followed their hearts and truly became the authors of their own life story.


Their story features in the best-selling book “The Guru and the English Rose”, which is now being made into a Hollywood movie.

A chance meeting brought them together, divine guidance took over, the universe conspired to make their dream a reality, and the rest is history.


Passionate, positive and professional, they truly walk the talk and inspire everyone they meet. Their positive energy is contagious.

One on One coaching, Corporate workshops and their professional training programs are all supported with on line learning support as well as best-selling books and retail products.


Teaching from absolute beginner all the way to teacher level, SoulCentre is known for its professionalism and inspirational training programs in;

  • Executive Coaching
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Life Skills
  • Reiki Self-Healing
  • Corporate Workshops
  • SoulKids, Essential Life skills for children


Thousands of students have passed through SoulCentre and even more study on line.

SoulCentre is truly global and offers opportunities for graduates to take the professional SoulCentre teachings and programs to countries all over the world by becoming a certified coach and trainer and becoming part of the SoulCentre Wisdom Family. 

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre. We inspire and bring out the best in everyone we meet.

Our Founder

Vikas Malkani

Vikas Malkani has been called the ‘World’s #1 Wisdom Coach’, ‘Top Wisdom & Wealth Guru’ and the ‘Steve Jobs of Wisdom’.

Our Founder

Sally Forrest

Sally Forrest is a 360 Entrepreneur having achieved massive business success while accumulating a lifelong experience of holistic sciences. She coaches businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to create success and scale it. Sally is also a global speaker, a bestselling author and a TEDx featured expert.