ANTON – I Love Finding out How Becoming a SoulKids Coach has Changed People

I love finding out how becoming a SoulKids Coach has changed people’s lives in some way.

Anton from the Netherlands was already flying high, at the top of his corporate game, a financial director for a leading oil & gas company in Asia . . . when he found SoulKids.


Having spent many happy years in Singapore he is now in Holland and I caught up with him and asked how SoulKids Coach training changed him.


Anton “Through the SoulKids training I have gained a much better understanding of myself and my life. I have applied many of the SoulKids lessons in my own life, including following your passion, the power of positivity, mind conditioning, dealing with adversity. My life was already great and it has only become greater.

My SoulKids training has made me a better partner, a better father, a better professional, and a better coach.

It has helped me to find my true purpose and passion in life.”


Sally – How did you find Vikas’s Coaching methods?


Anton “ I love Vikas’s coaching and teaching methods.

He teaches powerful, deep wisdom in a fun, practical, simple yet impactful way.

His storytelling is phenomenal. His one-line wisdom reminders amazing.

Every time I have been in touch with Vikas, I felt inspired, energised, empowered, grateful.

Vikas is definitely my most important teacher in life.”


Sally – Oh Wow that’s a great summary of how Vikas’s Wisdom changes lives.

What about the SoulKids Training in particular?


Anton “The SoulKids training is first and foremost about myself.

Through the training I have learnt more about myself and my life than I learnt in all my years at school.

The training has given me the tools to truly become the master of my own life.

It is a privilege to give children the mindset and tools for happiness in success in their lives.”


Sally – I know you are very popular Anton and now inspire children in Holland and globally through SoulKids. Can you share a success story with us?


Anton “ There are so many. One recently was 11-year old Caitlin who arrived for SoulKids walking with her shoulders down.

She left after my coaching shining bright, having significantly grown her self-awareness and confidence.

And the best part is that immediately after the training she pursued her dream – which she never dared talk about until SK – to become class year president at her school”


“And another is Sarah, 12 years old and full of imagination and creativity.

SoulKids helped her to see why and how following her passion provides for a happy and successful life. We kept in touch for many years after her SoulKids participation and every time she thanked me for opening her eyes to follow her passion.”


“ And let me share one more, 10-year old Tom, a difficult to handle child. Discussions were ongoing to send him away from his school as the negative influence on his class was unmanageable.

He was indeed full of uncontrolled energy. I shared a deep lesson ‘what you give is what you get in life’

Many weeks later I met his teacher who told me of the huge change Tom had made. He was now thinking before he took action and many times he decided not to act out immediate emotion. He was allowed to stay at school.”


Sally – All such powerful examples Anton and it is indeed obvious that every child you come into contact with you inspire and influence in such a positive way.

I am so proud of you and the work you are doing through SoulKids.

Keep shining bright and changing lives one child at a time.

You are leaving a legacy not only in the child’s life but in future generations!




If you are reading this, then you too can become a SoulKids Coach.
Contact me and lets have a chat about how we can train you to inspire your own children and children the world over.
From the moment you start with us at SoulKids, life changes!
You become part of an award winning brand and a team of passionate and positive people all determined to help and support children no matter what is happening in their lives.

No matter where in the world you live – you can use our materials to coach children.

Connect and I am here to help you succeed;

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