Stress Relief – How to reduce stress

First of all, realise that all of us feel stress to some degree. Its natural, so there is no need to feel overwhelmed or to make a massive drama out of the fact you feel stressed. Simply recognise it, accept it, name it and then act on it. Now I do not want to add […]

Meditation class – The importance of a teacher

Meditation class – The importance of a teacher  With the introduction of Google, we spend many hours researching and reading “stuff” on the web. We soon become an expert on any and every topic by reading second hand information in huge amounts. So can we learn mediation on the web, and do we really need […]

How SoulKids changed my life

How SoulKids changed my life Hi, my name is Dana and I am from Romania. I would like to share with you my experience with SoulKids. I became a SoulKids Coach over 5 years ago, in May 2016, and my life changed for  the better in so many ways. First, the training changed the way […]

Reiki Healing for all

Reiki Healing for all I first discovered Reiki over 20 years ago whilst living in Thailand. As a medical pharmacist I found it fascinating to see how healing can take place naturally and how once the body and mind are peaceful and positive then healing follows. I am a firm believer that the body has […]

Confidence in Children is an important Life Skill

Imagine the joy of seeing your child walk confidently through life being able to handle any situation that life offers to them. Parents and teachers are the main source of a child’s self worth, and their first teachers. Confidence skills can be taught from a young age and will remain with the child for life. […]

Reiki Classes – Reiki is a way of life.

I have been teaching Reiki for close to 20 years and thousands of students have learnt at SoulCentre. One of the most amazing aspects of Reiki is how life changes after the first lesson. It’s almost like living in a house with dirty windows and suddenly someone comes along and cleans the windows and for […]