Our Meditation Coaches

Passionate, professional and wise – teaching our inspirational meditation programs globally.

SoulCentre Academy is proud to introduce our certified ‘Meditation Teachers’. Each one has completed a comprehensive training process directly with Vikas Malkani, the creator of our unique meditation programs, and is now certified to train you in our trademarked meditation system.

SoulCentre meditation teachers are required to follow company guidelines and are certified to teach the authentic meditation programs created by our founder Vikas Malkani. These programs and their content are the creation and copyright of SoulCentre, and are protected globally under international IP laws.

Our meditation teachers are trained to teach you the following SoulCentre meditation programs:

  1. Meditation Made Simple™
  2. Meditation in Action™
  3. Masters of Meditation™

Our meditation teachers are passionate about meditation and will bring you the professional syllabus and high teaching standards that SoulCentre is known for.

Contact us for an individual or group session and experience meditation like never before.

Our trademarked meditation programs have transformed thousands around the world. Is it your time yet?

“Vikas is an authentic and inspiring teacher.
His teaching helped me find my life purpose and start living a more meaningful and joyful life.
I am so grateful to Vikas for his profound wisdom and unique teaching method.”

– Narjes Gorjizadeh (Australia)


Our Meditation Coaches

Vikas Malkani


Vikas is the founder of SoulCentre and best selling author. He is an expert on life skills and a leading teacher of meditation & mindfulness. His life mission is to make your life bigger, better and brighter.

+65 9875 2372

Dr. Narjes Gorjizadeh Ph.D.

Sydney, Australia

Narjes is a scientist committed to understanding the laws of nature and the mystery of life. Meditation with Vikas transformed her into a much happier and more positive person. Narjes is passionate about sharing meditation so others can benefit too.

+61 403 662 504

Anton Broers


My meditation training with Vikas has been the best investment of my life. I believe anybody’s life will improve significantly from the wisdom and practice of meditation, as it did for me. I am passionate to teach adults and children how taking control over your mind will give you control over your life.

Tony Tan


Tony is the Deputy CEO of Imperium Solutions (Singapore), an award winning IT organization. He blends ancient wisdom and meditation practices with the latest developments in digital technology to optimize lives.
Tony’s obsession is to help people realize their full potential through adopting meditation practice!

+65 9745 0100

Cate Broers


In 2008, when Vikas taught me about meditation and the mind, everything just fell into place. I now had the tools to be happy, stress-free, stable and fulfilled. It changed me and my life, and benefited everyone around me too. I knew I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, and inspire others to be the creators of their own life.

Grace Lim


Grace was sceptical about meditation until she met her teacher Vikas Malkani, who made her see meditation in a completely new light. Grace completed the 3 levels of SoulCentre meditation training and her teacher certification directly with Vikas Malkani Her gift in teaching meditation is to make her lessons fun and impactful, while always giving her best to her students.

Jens Berger

Frankfurt am Main/Germany

Jens is a professional business engineer, a certified management trainer and coach. Together with his expertise as a SoulCentre meditation teacher, he uses his experience to develop leaders and employees in companies. His mission is the development of people’s personality and potential. Using self-leadership techniques, stress management and the development of a positive mindset, he strengthens resilience in his clients and empowers a healthy balance between body and mind.

Louise Willis

England, UK

Louise saw the positive effects of meditation in her own life and was inspired to become a meditation teacher. She is now committed to helping others benefit from meditation too. Louise is also a SoulCentre Reiki teacher.

Tanja Schrader


As a mother, wife and business woman, I was looking for a way to manage stress, become more stable and gain more resilience. My meditation training with Vikas was a life changing experience, connecting all the dots on how to manage my mind and life. I am passionate about sharing wisdom in small groups and for corporate organisations, to help create the stability and success you desire.

+65 97742294

Maria Sundqvist

Chicago, IL, USA

A businesswoman in a global apparel company, Maria learnt meditation for her own benefit to manage pressure at work & improve life satisfaction. She is available for small group classes in & around Wilmette, IL, USA.


Yvonne Corpuz

Sydney, Australia

A certified coach & meditation teacher, Yvonne experienced the gentle healing energy of Reiki for the first time in 2005. She seeks to support others in their own journey towards a greater sense of well-being.