Our SoulKids Coaches

SoulKids Coaches have received advanced training in our unique coaching methodology and are highly capable of supporting your child one-on-one to overcome any challenges life may present.

SoulKids Coaches have undergone advanced training in our unique SoulKids Coaching methodology that was created by Vikas Malkani to help children on an individual basis.

Each SoulKids Coach has been trained personally by Vikas and has gained extensive practical experience in our coaching process.

SoulKids Coaches are uniquely capable and fully equipped to help your children through any challenges they may face in their life. They will work with your children one-on-one and guide them with personalized tools and techniques that bring tangible benefits.


Our SoulKids Coaches

Lily Foo


Lily loves the innocence and simple joy in children and believes that every child has unique talent and potential to be discovered. She intends to impact the world by empowering children with the right skillsets to become resilient and successful adults, using SoulKids methods that are effective, fun and creative.

Dana Ilies


Dana is passionate about helping children be ready for the 21st Century. She believes that, if we give our children the correct tools to build their future, our future will be bright and the world will be a better place.

Philippa Ilincic

England, UK

Mum of two and passionate SoulKids Mentor & Coach. Has an easy rapport with children and believes if their minds and hearts are trained today, they will lead happy, successful and positive lives, in their future.

Veron Yong


Veron is my name and SoulKids Coaching is my inner flame. I will be the guiding light for your children so that they can live their lives with both success and happiness, while being fully prepared to step boldly into their future.

Claire Stafford


Claire is passionate about empowering children to become responsible, confident and mindful adults. She is dedicated to helping children to unlock their potential to be resilient, happy and successful, using SoulKids Methods and Methods.

Oana Dingec


I believe that there is a strong power that lies within each of us. I love children and I will help them find their strengths in order to be open minded, resilient and happy, so they are totally prepared for this beautiful world!

Gabriela Tranciuc


My Life mission is to reach as many children and parents as possible to help them learn how to tap into their inner potential and create a happier and more successful life. I love working with children and I put my soul into everything I do

Lavinia Dumitrescu


Lavinia loves to empower children and adolescents, with tools to experience happiness and create the life they want to live. She believes in bringing out the best in every child she coaches.

Wendy Ann Marquenie


Every child is unique and special and I empower children to believe in themselves and achieve their success in life..

Cristiana Vulcu


Cristiana is a SoulKids Coach and a Life Coach. She believes that to become a balanced adult you need to be a happy child. Using SoulKids, she supports a child’s happiness by creating a correct mindset, self-confidence, creativity, self-awareness and self-expression.

Violanda Popa


I believe in the power of example and the inner strength with which children can build their own lives. SoulKids wisdom and tools give them the ability and empowerment to be happy and succeed in their journey through life.

Cathryn Woodward


Cate is committed to helping your child create their own happy and successful future. She empowers your child with the skills needed to realise their full potential. In an uncertain world, she equips children to unleash positive powers in their mind to grow up confident, resilient, and self-reliant.

Oana Zapca


Oana is passionate about personal growth and personal fulfilment. Her mission as a SoulKids Coach is to guide children to reach their full potential, and grow into independent and successful human beings. She empowers children to adapt to the different challenges in life, and to collaborate with others in a way that creates happiness and success for all.

Renee Jarvis


Using SoulKids methods, Renee is passionate about helping children tap into their inner power, giving them the skills and strategies to be confident, resilient and happy.

Alina Neacsu


Alina is passionate about Life education for children. She realised that many of her adult life struggles came from childhood limiting beliefs. Alina is grateful for gaining the SoulKids wisdom and is determined to share it with kids for helping them have a happy and fulfilling life.

Sagarika Khalkho


Sagarika believes the ideal foundation of young minds is laid perfectly through the SoulKids Programs which empowers them with the skills and strategies to be future ready! Sagarika is the SoulKids Mentor active in Dubai and is also a proud mother of two teenage daughters.