Meditation class – The importance of a teacher

Meditation class – The importance of a teacher

 With the introduction of Google, we spend many hours researching and reading “stuff” on the web. We soon become an expert on any and every topic by reading second hand information in huge amounts. So can we learn mediation on the web, and do we really need a teacher? The simple answer is “ Yes “ you can learn meditation (to a certain extent) on the web and “ Yes” you do need a teacher if you are serious about Meditation.

So why do I say you need a teacher?

First, the mind is a tricky little devil, and over 60,000 thoughts are whizzing through in any one-day.

So you sit to meditate and some of the first thoughts that come in are;

  • “ Am I doing this right?”
  • “ What should I be thinking?”
  • “ How do I stop thinking and have no thoughts “

This is natural and most of us start out like this on our journey with meditation. Having a teacher with you allows you the confidence and freedom to ask these questions and to be guided on correct answers.

Having no thoughts is one of the many myths of meditation; it’s a little bit like expecting the heart to stop beating once you tell it to. So a teacher also dispels these myths.

Having sat through 15 years of meditation classes I have heard so many myths….

  • You have to sit cross legged to meditate
  • You have to shower before you meditate
  • You have to place your palms on your knees and make a lotus shape with your fingers to meditate
  • You have to meditate for over an hour to benefit
  • Meditation is religious
  • You cannot meditate during your menstrual period

These myths, and many more, are easily dispelled by a teacher and thus put the mind at peace. A teacher will explain clearly what meditation is and what it is not. A teacher will also listen to what you are saying and be able to guide you as an individual to experience the technique that is best for you. After all there are thousands of techniques in meditation and it’s not a “cookie cutter” experience where everyone is precisely the same. A teacher will also see your habits and challenge you a little to see them for yourself. After all meditation is all about getting to know yourself and to see how your own thinking and actions bring results in your life.

So sign up for a class today.

We have in person classes as well as on line training.

You can even book a private session.

Vikas Malkani


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