How SoulKids changed my life

How SoulKids changed my life

Hi, my name is Dana and I am from Romania. I would like to share with you my experience with SoulKids.
I became a SoulKids Coach over 5 years ago, in May 2016, and my life changed for  the better in so many ways.

First, the training changed the way I understood life, I started to see the world in a new way and I made great life improvements. Small steps made a huge difference.

After the SoulKids Coach Training, I’ve become a better person, a better parent, more positive, more balanced, and I was able to understand myself more. I saw the real me and I dropped a lot of the conditioning that I had grown up believing.

Vikas’s philosophy is that you can’t give something to someone that you don’t have, so in order to inspire children, you have to become the lesson, and not simply teach the lesson. This is what makes this program so powerful because children see your authenticity and learn from who you are not only from the words that you say.

What followed the training was beyond my belief!!

When I started to work with children and I saw the massive impact it had on them, and I knew I had found my purpose. And since then, SoulKids is a part of my everyday life.

I make a living inspiring children through the powerful wisdom of SoulKids. After 2 years in Singapore,  I relocated to Romania, bringing SoulKids with me. I landed in Bucharest on April 3rd, and nobody In Romania knew about SoulKids. I scheduled my first program on May 19th and it was completely sold out!!

And the best part is that the Children loved it!!!

I’ve got such amazing feedback from parents and children alike! SoulKids speaks to everyone no matter the cultural background, nationality or religion. SoulKids goes beyond borders, Its wisdom works and it transforms every child who attends. I think every child needs SoulKids and I am so proud to know that I am changing lives one child at a time. SoulKids made me shine. I really LOVE life now ! Take this opportunity, to become a SoulKids Coach, because it can change your life as well.

It will benefit EVERYONE around you, you change, your children change and your family becomes so much more positive and happy about life! You can then go on and inspire children all over the world! It is amazing!

I speak from my own experience and I am so happy and blessed that I started as a SoulKids Coach.

Dana Ilies




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