Reiki in Singapore . Just for today. . . be Happy

Reiki in Singapore . Just for today. . . be Happy

As a medical pharmacist I was trained to always treat the symptoms of disease and little attention was given to the root cause of these symptoms that manifest in the body.

I am blessed to have experienced the wonders of Reiki, a simple hands on healing that has dramatic effects on health, emotions and general well being.

Not only do you learn key healing positions and what they mean on a mental and emotional level, you also learn about new ways of thinking and being.

I have taught thousands of students Reiki healing and each of them notices a difference on one of 3 levels;

  • Mental – they begin to think about life in a new way
  • Emotional – negative emotions are replaced with positive ones
  • Physical – body ailments simply start to heal on their own.

At the root of all disease is a moving away from joy, peace and happiness. We become unhappy or discontented about something in life and we hold onto these emotions, which eventually manifest in the body. Dis-Ease is simply a moving away from ease.

Reiki will bring you back to balance and this is where true healing begins. After all if the body knows how to make itself sick, it surely knows how to heal.

The body is truly amazing and it continues to function without much effort from us.

For example;

  • If you break a bone, the body knows how to fix itself,
  • At night when you sleep and let go of this world we live in, the body continues to breathe and the heat beats and all is in order…

So Reiki allows you to have a much deeper understanding of your body- your emotions and your mind.

“Just for today be happy “ is a mantra that I adopt and teach to my students. After all life is a choice, we can choose to be happy or we can choose to let the externals of life distract us and make us unhappy. Happiness is a state of being that allows healing and many students report unbelievable results after learning Reiki.

  • Illnesses improve and often disappear
  • Allergies heal themselves
  • Women who were unable to conceive find out they are pregnant (this is always a joy to hear)
  • Parents give Reiki to their children and their sleep patterns improve, as do their emotions.

Reiki truly is a first aid kit that you hold in your hands. Anyone and everyone can learn it, and students have ranged from 6-86 years of age. Do connect and register for our upcoming Reiki classes – it’s the best gift you can give to yourself!

Sally Forrest BSc, MRPharmS, MBA


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