Confidence in Children is an important Life Skill

Imagine the joy of seeing your child walk confidently through life being able to handle any situation that life offers to them.

Parents and teachers are the main source of a child’s self worth, and their first teachers. Confidence skills can be taught from a young age and will remain with the child for life.

Here are a few tips on how to encourage your child to become more confident

1) Encourage them to see their inner and outer strengths.

  1. a) Outer strengths;

For example, praise them for dressing well, grooming well, showing a happy face etc. …

Use words and phrases that show the child that you appreciate what they have done. For example, “Mary I like the way you have co-ordinated your outfit today – all the colours match well”

“When you style your hair like that it really suits you and looks chic”

  1. b) Inner strengths; name them and also reward good behaviour.

“Mary, I love it when you share with others as it shows that you care”

“I love to hear the positive thoughts that you bring to the conversation”

“I admire the fact you are determined, focussed and take responsibility”

2) Ensure a child feels loved.

Hug them, hold their hand, write them notes and most importantly let them know they are loved. It is wonderful to hear the words “I love you” Include their name so that they know the love is for them.

For example, “Ria, I love you”

3) Make their environment positive

Each child should have a space of their own on which you can build a wall of appreciation for them. Include positive pictures, certificates, awards, and any good comments that you have received about the child. Use hand written comments and post them on the wall to keep it alive and exciting. If space is limited and your children all share one bedroom, then allocate a small space on the wall for each child. With the right mind-set and some creativity, any space can become magical for the child.

3 top tips that are easy to apply.

Knowing them is not enough – we must apply and take action.

Do let me know how your child feels once you have tried these out for 7 days….

Miracles will result.

At SoulKids we share essential life skills for happiness and success with children through one on one private coaching or small groups.

Sending you my love and gratitude

















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