Reiki Healing for all

Reiki Healing for all

I first discovered Reiki over 20 years ago whilst living in Thailand. As a medical pharmacist I found it fascinating to see how healing can take place naturally and how once the body and mind are peaceful and positive then healing follows. I am a firm believer that the body has an innate intelligence and intuitively “knows” how to heal itself, we simply have to get into the flow of being in harmony and balance and allow the miracles to happen. Reiki is easy to learn and super easy to use, all you need to do is to put your hands on yourself and the healing flows.

Having taught thousands of students, from all ages and all walks of life, it is fascinating to see that Reiki affects people primarily on one of 3 levels;

  • The Physical Level(healings occur in the body)
  • The Emotional Level(negative emotions are replaced with a more pragmatic and positive approach to life)
  • The Mental Level(how you think about life starts to change, and the small issues no longer become issues)

Students arrive for our Reiki programs not knowing what to expect, there is natural apprehension and maybe even a “fear of the unknown”

However they soon discover and experience the Reiki “magical effects ” and I always say its like receiving an “ eye bath”, suddenly the world looks different and you move in the flow of life in a smooth and easy way. Synchronicity starts to kick in and amazing events unfold just at the right time and the results are super positive.

At SoulCentre we teach Reiki to many professionals, Spa Therapists, Reiki Practitioners and medical doctors. We provide professional and complete training for students to become Reiki practitioners and teachers. We teach to high standards because we want everyone who receives Reiki to do so in a professional and supportive manner. Reiki really is for everyone and the benefits are instant. It is the best gift that you can give to yourself and it is with you for life.

Register for one of our Reiki programs and see how life changes…… it will be the start of a new and exciting chapter in life.


Sally Forrest BSc, MRPharmS, MBA





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