Become A Coach

Become A Coach

Are you passionate about making a difference in the world?

Do you have a passion to coach, teach and train others?

Do you want to learn from the best in a fun, structured and professional manner?

Do you want to earn an income doing what you love?

If so then you are in great hands as we offer teacher training / coaching certifications in all our programs.

Thousands from around the world have graduated, transformed their own lives and now inspire and support others to do the same.

SoulCentre is Asia’s Premier Centre for personal development and our programs win awards. Our programs are impactful, transformational, fun and effective.

All programs are totally non-religious and can be practiced by anyone around the world, we welcome people from all faiths. Anyone and everyone can benefit.

We offer programs to teacher and coach qualification level in the following subjects;

  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Reiki Self-Healing
  • Life Wisdom Coaching
  • SoulKids Coaching for children
  • Corporate Training. Train the Trainer for Companies

“Transform yourself, inspire others and share wisdom with the world. It’s the best way to live!”

Meditation and Mindfulness

From a young age, Vikas started to question life. He had a passion for wisdom and spiritual discovery. He dedicated many years of his life to travelling and learning from enlightened masters around the world. Vikas applied everything he learnt to himself, his own life, and eventually experienced his own spiritual awakening at the age of 29.

Since that day, he has dedicated his life to make the ancient wisdom simple and practical for modern day use, and has been sharing it with people everywhere. 

The results are phenomenal, lives are changing and clients are finding their inner peace and happiness.

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Our unique Meditation and Mindfulness program take students from beginner level to master level. The wisdom, stories, structured models and clear concepts simplify the ancient teachings from the enlightened masters and made them practical and relevant for today’s society.

Created by Vikas over 20 years ago, the unique programs and concepts of meditation taught at SoulCentre have revolutionised the teaching of meditation worldwide.

These include our trademarked meditation programs called

  • Meditation Made Simple
  • Meditation in Action
  • Masters of Meditation

You will be trained personally by Vikas in the complete path of meditation and will be inspired to help and transform others with this wisdom.

Upon successful completion of your training, you will be licensed to teach the unique SoulCentre meditation programs under our guidelines to people around the world.  

SoulCentre also offers business coaching, website visibility and support to all our licensed teachers. Our teachers feature on our website, blogs and in our social media platforms and become part of the SoulCentre family.


“After learning from the best wisdom teacher on this planet, Vikas Malkani, I am now a certified Soul Centre Meditation Teacher. 
This learning and growing journey with the wonderful wisdom family at SoulCentre is nothing short of amazing. 
Thank you Mr. V! Your love, encouragement, trust, support and belief in me have made this dream of mine come true.”
Grace Lim (Singapore)

“Going to Soul Centre and learning meditation from Vikas is the best decision I have made. Its life changing.
He is an amazing teacher and I will always continue learning and growing in this family of Soul Centre.”
– Trish Lim Yong (Singapore)

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Reiki Self-Healing

At The Professional Reiki Academy in SoulCentre we teach the authentic method of Usui Reiki.

Sally has been teaching Reiki for over 20 year and has a depth of knowledge and wisdom. She is a medical pharmacist, a business leader and so you are in the best hands possible. Sally has created and structured the training in such a way that the teaching includes all aspects of the physical body, its organs, diseases and solutions to life’s many issues.

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It includes how to be a professional reiki therapist, how to deal with clients and how to set up your own Reiki business.

The training is professional, comprehensive, relevant and life changing. It has elevated Reiki globally to a new level of professionalism and awareness. Thousands have studied with Sally from around the world.

The steps to become a Reiki Teacher include;

  • Reiki Level 1 – The Physical Aspects of Reiki ™
  • Reiki Level 2 – The Emotional Aspects of Reiki™
  • Reiki Level 3 – Master yourself with Reiki for Reiki Masters
  • Reiki Practitioner Level – Client management, practice set up.
  • Reiki Teacher Training – Accredited to The Professional Reiki Academy.

You will be trained personally by Sally in the complete practice of Reiki and will be inspired and transformed along the way.

Upon successful completion of your training, you will be licensed to teach The Professional Reiki Academy programs under our guidelines to people around the world.  

SoulCentre also offers business coaching, website visibility and support to all our licensed teachers. Our teachers feature on our website, blogs and in our social media platforms and become part of the SoulCentre family.


I first met in 2008 when I went to SoulCentre to study Reiki. 

Working with Sally has changed how I view and approach life. Learning from her allowed me to shift from being ruled by anxiety and fear, to daring to be myself and live my life from a place of peace and inspiration.

Sally is a woman of strength, passion and integrity. Well-spoken and consistently bringing high energy to her work, I have seen her inspire countless men and women to live purposefully; all with her eternal smile and uplifting presence.

As she lives by the wisdom she teaches, to me, Sally truly embodies the idea of embracing ownership of one’s life with joy and purpose. 

Committed to elevating people to where they want to be, Sally brings wisdom, professionalism and many years of experience to benefit those who are willing to learn.

She will always be present to help you grow.   

Kanchan B, Reiki Teacher

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Life Wisdom Coaching

Life can be summarised in 4 words; Happiness, Success, Significance and Legacy.

We are all born with tremendous potential inside us, yet somehow as life passes, our brilliance tends to fade. We settle for less than our best. We accept mediocrity & bury our own dreams.

Become a certified coach in the timeless wisdom of maximizing your life potential.

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Be coached by Vikas Malkani, The Wisdom Coach, in ancient wisdom and essential life-skills to bring out your greatest potential.

Be trained in the most effective and comprehensive process available for creating happiness, success, significance and legacy in our lives.

You will then be able to coach others to identify their passions, discover their life purpose, and identify the fastest path to maximizing their life potential.

The Life Wisdom Coach training works in 3 steps.

SHINE™ – a coaching program that guides you to a completely new way of looking at life. It helps you discover your passions, identify your life purpose and reveals the optimal path to maximizing your inner potential.

EVOLVE™ is the second step. Here you are guided into a deeper understanding of the principles of self-mastery, and also understand the Universal laws of manifestation that influence your life and results. You understand that you are always co-creating together with the universe you live in.

BLOOM™ is the 3rd step where you begin to see the big picture of life. You imbibe the greatest wisdom into your life and demonstrate it through focused actions. You are able to align with the universal laws and life becomes smooth and struggle-free. You become inspirational to others.

You are guided to your own self-mastery using the same powerful tools and methods that Vikas uses in his life.


Vikas, I love who you are and what you do!” Jack Canfield,  America’s #1 Success Coach & Bestselling Author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Vikas is the ‘Steve Jobs’ of wisdom. He makes the deepest wisdom of life so simple to understand and apply. Pure genius.” Ankush Wadhwa, Entrepreneur

“Vikas Malkani, you are just amazingly WOW and you have a heart of gold.
Thank You for your inspiration and wisdom”
Lezelle Pretorius, Teacher

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SoulKids Coaching for Children

Children need more than academic education; they need Life Skills.

Skills that will help them to create happiness in their relationships and success in their lives.

Children need to be ready for the future that’s coming by developing inner skills for emotional stability, positive thinking, mental resilience, enhanced focus, expanded vision, teamwork, and more.

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SoulKids is an award-winning brand that has been coaching adults and children with skills that ensure a life of clarity, certainty and confidence.

Become a part of SoulKids and help children grow with happiness and success in life.

You will make a positive difference in the life of a child and in the lives of future generations.

Contribute meaning, purpose and inspiration to every child you connect with.

Develop the skills needed for the 21st century and beyond

At SoulKids we use 17 major skills that every child needs to become future ready. Life Skills needed for happiness and success, and skills that are not taught in traditional schools.

In this training, we coach you in our award-winning tools, techniques, stories and methodologies that you can use with children the world over.

SoulKids is proven for over 18 years and in over 20 countries.

SoulKids is an award-winning brand that changes lives, of children and adults too.

Become a SoulKids Coach, get trained by the founders themselves, and begin to inspire and impact the life of every child and adult you meet.

Who is this for?

SoulKids Coach training is relevant to every parent, to-be parent and for anyone who works with children in any capacity.

If you want to improve the lives of your children or other children that you teach, coach or work with, SoulKids Coach training is the best and most effective path for you.

NO previous experience is needed, we provide full and comprehensive training.

If you fall into one of these categories then it is perfect for you!

  • Parents (or Parents-to-be)
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Counsellors
  • Educators
  • Aunts/ Uncles/ God parents / Grandparents
  • Anyone with a passion to support children to grow
  • Anyone wanting to develop a coaching business with children and earn additional income.

What does the training include?

We believe you can only give to another what you already have.

With this in mind, we use the SoulKids techniques and strategies to first coach you to identify and maximize your own potential and mindset; we empower you to create your own success and happiness.

We give you proven tools, effective strategies, case studies, unique frameworks, wisdom stories and experiences that truly bring out the best from within you.

Then you begin to share this with children and coach them to create a life of confidence, clarity and certainty.

SoulKids empowers children with effective inner skills necessary to create a life of success and happiness.

Children become motivated to drive their own life, happiness and success.

Children understand and learn to manage their emotions.

Children start to see their strengths and to build on these.

SoulKids is future-focused and provides experiential learning, coaching and training on skills such as;  Resilience, Mindset, Emotional Stability, Leadership, Creativity, Vision, Self-Confidence, Discipline, Determination, Self-Awareness, Clarity, Teamwork, Focus. . . and much more.

SoulKids is not religious and we welcome adults and children from all faiths and all walks of life. Our methods have been tested and proven, with over 20 different nationalities across different cultures. SoulKids gets the results every time!

You will be trained personally by Vikas and Sally, the founders of SoulKids. Upon successful completion of your training, you will be licensed to coach children around the world under our guidelines.  

SoulKids also offers business coaching, website visibility and support to all our licensed coaches. Our coaches feature on our website, blogs and in our social media platforms and become part of the SoulCentre family.


“The SoulKids coaching was simply awesome and inspiring. Vikas is amazing! Believe and trust in him and you will see a positive change in yourself, making you so happy, just like it did with me. It is magical. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vikas & Sally, SoulKids is amazing.” – Harveen Kaur

“I have become an amazing and confident person instead of  just an ordinary housewife. It is awesome, I now coach children and I love it.”Veron

 “SoulKids has benefitted me tremendously as I coach my own child, my extended family’s children as well as coaching professionally. Vikas is a man of wisdom, unlike anyone I have met before. The program is Amazing, Awesome and Unbelievable!” Ong Chia Lee

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Corporate Training – Train the Trainer for Companies

Change is constant, is all around us and is happening at a faster rate than ever experienced before in companies.

COVID, Lockdowns, Inflation, Wars, The Great Resignation . . . all add to the complexity of the Business world and to the mind-set of employees.

We offer bespoke programs to companies where we coach your teams on how to manage change, how to maintain a positive mindset and to manage the stresses of life.

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We do not believe in the “one and done” style of training.

We do not want the trainings to be annual event or simply a one-off. To complement our in house training we offer the opportunity of a “Train the Trainer” program, whereby your in-house coaches or trainers can continue the momentum and sustain the improvements over much longer time periods.

Let us tailor a program specific to your company needs.

We always overdeliver on value and results, you are in great hands.


“ Vikas and Sally provided fabulous results in the training they delivered for our company. They are fun, high energy, transformational and bring great results. There is a buzz and a passion to succeed in our teams which we have not experienced before.”

Steve Roberts, Avon Cosmetics.

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Our Result Speaks For Themselves

“Sally is exceptional, you will come away with sound advice and break-through ideas that will change your perception of how life works. Once you understand this, life changing results will happen, and things can only get better and better.

Sally has many life stories and deep wisdom to share and I highly recommend her teachings to help improve your personal, relationship and business success.”



David Cardaci, Technical Manager (BE Mech)
“Forget the rest if you want the best….Simply put, I believe that Vikas is the world’s number one wisdom coach. He has decades of knowledge and wisdom learnt from some of the wisest minds and masters, yet further enhanced by his own magnanimous ability to deliver his wisdom in a modern context and a beauty of simplicity. Vikas has the incredible ability to rapidly understand you as a person and therefore share ideas and strategies which are tailored to support you, and that will challenge your thinking and expand your mind. Cumulatively it allamounts to an unprecedented gift which he shares to help people from every spectrum of life, to create lives and businesses of more integrity, impact and influence. I highly recommend Vikas Malkani, if you want to live and work at your highest potential of impact and income.”
Marko Ilincic, Vistage Group Chairman, UK

“I have known Sally Forest for over 5 years now. Sally always radiates positivity and one feels energised simply being in her presence. She radiates from within.

Sally empowers people with tools, insights and powerful motivations to bring out one’s potential.

Proximity is power and I am blessed indeed that she has mentored me through some of the tough moments of my life.

If one is looking for clarity and directions to optimise life then you need to have her in your life !”

Tony Tan Deputy CEO, Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd

‘I believe that in life and in business, we have a duty to bring in the best minds and advice we can, so we can serve our clients in the best possible manner and produce exponential results.That’s why we work with legends like Vikas Malkani’

Peter Diaz, CEO, Workplace Mental Health Institute, Australia

“Sally is an inspiration for me. She lives what she teaches. She is on purpose. She makes her dreams come true. She enjoys life to the max.Sally positively impacts the lives of many people with her practical wisdom, compassion and care, humour,and professionalism. She understands life like an old, wise master and is full of energy, joy,and passion like a young, playful child.Every time I engage with Sally, I feel inspired, uplifted, empowered,and grateful. She is one of those rare individuals who has truly touched my life for the good. “

Anton Broers, CEO of Mind Ur Life, Netherlands