Life Success – BaZi

Life Success – BaZi

Know yourself, your element and your strengths

Are you a Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water Element?

It’s fascinating once you know your element, understand your strengths and then apply them in life. With this clarity, confidence and certainty, there is no stopping you and life changes for the better.

BaZi is also known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny. Your date of birth is converted into 8 Chinese characters using a 10,000-year Chinese calendar and the resulting chart is unique to you.

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Each chart has strengths and weaknesses, and understanding these will show you how to achieve success, develop happy relationships and identify your life purpose. The analysis will show you the path of least resistance to bring you to a life of happiness and harmony. The chart is progressive and changes with time. Strategies are discussed along with the best actions to take. The results are outstanding.

Once you have the understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your own individual, unique chart, then you can make informed and educated decisions about playing to your strengths and overcoming the weaker areas.

Who will benefit from an analysis?

  • Anyone looking for clarity in life.
  • Anyone considering the best job / or position to take
  • Anyone interested in starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur
  • Anyone feeling unfulfilled or frustrated with life
  • Anyone wanting to guide their child as to the path to their success
  • Anyone wanting to understand the dynamics of teams
  • Anyone wanting to know what relationships are best suited for them.

What do you gain from a session?

  • You start to understand yourself, the real you.
  • You recognise what skills you are utilising, versus the deeper characteristics and skill-sets available to you.
  • You see your core strengths and how to utilise these.
  • You identify blocks of time which are periods of exceptional positive energy, during which time you can maximise your personal success.
  • You see how your personal elements interact with others , especially your partner and family members.
  • You get to understand how to play your strengths and how to understand others.


“Sally’s mantra of playing to your strengths has become the foundation for my daily life. Understanding and knowing what that strength is, along with how to capture and utilise the energies of my chart has helped me and my family navigate through some rocky years.

I love Sally for her amazing intelligence, empathy and wonderful sense of humour. She is outstanding at what she does and gives amazing clarity”

Laura Bartlett – Business Owner

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Make your Home and Office Space favourable for you.

Finding great space in which to live and work in is vitally important to health, happiness, relationships and your success. Simply put, the space you live and work in affects your energy. It is important to create a great space, to maximise the positive energies and to avoid the depleting ones.

Feng Shui is the ancient science of how the energy that surrounds your home or office can be harnessed and brought into your property to benefit you personally. It is a system of natural laws that govern the space around us in relation to the flow of energy (Qi).

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We advise how to harness the positive Qi in your space, which helps achieve health, happiness and your life goals, and we minimise the negative Qi.  We create a space, where the energy flow is balanced and in harmony. In a good Feng Shui home the occupants will experience vibrancy, joy, and an excitement for life. They will enjoy living in their space and will experience a feeling of balance and harmony.

Once you experience the ‘before and after’ effects of Feng Shui you simply know that it works!

What will you gain from a Feng Shui Consultation?

  • You will have a complete understanding of which areas of your home (and rooms) are most important for receiving positive energy.
  • You will understand how important your front door is and how you can maximise the positive energies that come into your home.
  • You will understand the importance of containing this good energy within your home and recommendations will be given tailored to your personal needs.
  • You will understand why certain things are ‘not just right’ or ‘simply not working’ in your life right now.
  • You will understand the 5 elements and how these are affecting your home/office.
  • You will understand and be able to apply solutions to maximise your health / wealth / success and relationships.
  • You will be able to look at each room individually, consider its purpose and to then maximise the natural energy of the space to achieve this.
  • You will earn how to overcome any challenges that exist within your space
  • You will understand what can drain the energy from your space and how to stop this.
  • You will be educated and enlightened on the simple things in life that will make all the difference in your space and how to achieve this.
  • You will receive a full report with easy to apply recommendations that work.

Real practical solutions are given to get the absolute best out of your life.

Consultations can be conducted on your home and / or office.

Solutions are provided and insights shared that will significantly improve the energy of the space.


“ Sally was recommended to me when I was seeking a Feng Shui audit for a new 40,000 sq. feet business premises.

I found Sally to be very professional and knowledgeable. My brief to Sally was harmony and creativity amongst my staff members, good working relationships with customers and suppliers alike, and growth in business. We settled into our new premise with great ease and are doing a roaring business since then. Sally continues to provide me with valuable advice to further enhance the Feng Shui for the company”

Pin Lim – Business Owner

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Exciting and Inspiring Corporate Events & Key Note Speaking

Everyone loves to hear about their elements and to understand the best practices for a perfect home and office.

SoulCentre is delighted to provide inspirational and motivational keynote speeches, workshops and conference contributions.

We provide inspirational topics that fully engage the audience. They are high energy, fun and packed with wisdom. The audience are delighted and leave wanting to apply the wisdom immediately to their life and homes/offices.

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Ideal for all gatherings; conventions, corporate events, spa seminars, team-building events, after dinner events and casual coffee mornings.

We tailor talks in alignment with your own business needs.

You name it, we can provide the perfect solution, and your audience will leave energised, inspired and wiser.

Our events are fun, impactful and memorable.

Past events have included the following;

  • Discover your Strengths and Design our Destiny
  • How to create a positive environment with Feng Shui
  • Understand yourself, your team and how to get the best from each member using BaZi
  • Five Top tips for happiness and health with BaZi and Feng Shui
  • What will the new year bring in terms of BaZi opportunities and Feng Shui?


Sally Forrest spoke with passion in her high energy presentation that was filled with powerful life changing content.

The key concepts were explained clearly with great visuals to demonstrate her points. She was speaking to a diverse audience that had little or no knowledge of the subject, and she had to explain the very basic principles of Fengshui which she did very successfully. There was never a dull moment listening to her. She was able to fully engage her audience with personal stories and her vast experience with clients. 

Sally’s delivery was captivating, fun and authentic.

I would certainly hire her again. The feedback was outstanding.” 

Grace Lim – YPO Singapore Chapter

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Our Result Speaks For Themselves

Sally is an inspiration. She steered herself to the road less travelled. The road to inspire, to learn, to achieve and to teach. She walks her own talk and deserves all her accolades. She is a powerhouse –  intelligent, generous, resilient, relatable and kind. I admire her and hope she continues to shine her light and wisdom to the world.

Nici Schueler, Founder - Seasoned Singapore Expat Women 

“Sally is a woman of strength, passion and integrity. Well-spoken and consistently bringing high energy to her work, I have seen her inspire countless men and women to live purposefully; all with her eternal smile and uplifting presence.

Committed to elevating people to where they want to be, Sally brings wisdom, professionalism and many years of experience to benefit those who are willing to learn. She will always be present to help you grow.”

Mary Jo Pokorski, Therapist

“Since I met Sally my life has changed. Every morning I wake with joy, fully charged and excited to face the day. It has been awesome and life changing.”

Foong Meng Senior Manager, Banking Industry

“Sally is amazing, she believed in me before I did. She helped me find my passion and purpose, she guided me, she inspired me and I can say I am successful today because of her. I now inspire children in Romania!”

Dana Ilies, SoulKids Mentor and Coach

“Sally is exceptional, you will come away with sound advice and break-through ideas that will change your perception of how life works. Once you understand this, life changing results will happen, and things can only get better and better.

Sally has many life stories and deep wisdom to share and I highly recommend her teachings to help improve your personal, relationship and business success.”

David Cardaci, Technical Manager (BE Mech)

“Sally is able to translate the deep and complex meanings and lessons of ancient subjects into modern 21st century language and relate that to personal and professional growth. 

The energy she exudes gives a clarity and decisiveness that helps to drive focus and from this focus clear actions arise.  I have been blessed to experience this clarity and the actions have enabled me to overcome weaknesses and excel my strengths.

Sally has a great skill for understanding your needs and situation, applying her wisdom and teachings, to provide pragmatic and relevant solutions”

Martin J Willis, Senior Manager