Mind and Meditation

Mind and Meditation

What is Meditation and Mindfulness?

Meditation is an ancient, scientific practice that gives you wisdom and techniques to train your mind to be positive, peaceful and powerful.

Mindfulness is just one part of meditation and it involves the practice of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, without judgement.

Meditation has thrived for thousands of years, while mindfulness has become popular since the 1960’s. Meditation & Mindfulness taught at SoulCentre is non-religious. It will benefit anyone who wants more fulfilment, greater clarity, emotional stability, and stress-free living. Our unique, trademarked programs of meditation make this ancient wisdom simple and easy for you to benefit from. Our meditation programs are fun, short, simple and highly effective. Thousands of people from all over the world have benefited, and so can you.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation gives you effective tools to train your mind and create the life you desire. Some of the benefits of meditation include a calm mind, stress-free living, regulated blood pressure, stable emotions, positive thinking, control of anger and freedom from anxiety. Meditation is beneficial for almost every health challenge. It even helps you to perform better, slow down ageing, manage change and increase energy levels.

Meditation also helps with intelligence, learning ability, concentration, relationships, self-esteem and personal development. Improved focus and concentration as a result of meditation creates a stronger immune system. Meditation also creates anti-ageing effects in the body and mind. Numerous clinical studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits of meditation.

Where to start?

Start with our beginner’s program ‘Meditation Made Simple’ to see an immediate benefit in your life.

In this program you will understand the foundational concepts of meditation and the science behind its benefits. You will also learn more than 5 simple techniques that will benefit you immediately. It is easy to learn and simple to apply in your life.

Meditation Level 1 – Meditation Made Simple™

Meditation Made Simple is a unique, life-changing program created by Vikas Malkani. This program will give you simple, quick and proven techniques to create happiness, emotional stability, inner peace & a stress-free mind. You start to benefit from day one.

Vikas gives you the wisdom and science of meditation, and techniques that make your life more joyful and fulfilled. Through these techniques of meditation and mindfulness, you will be able to manage stress, create inner peace, stabilise emotions and live an optimal life of happiness and joy.

This program is ideal for beginners who want to learn simple meditation techniques that truly work.

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“Meditation is the path to your highest happiness, peace & success.” – Vikas

Vikas has created simple techniques that can be used in just 30 seconds, during your active day to release stress, improve focus and bring you happiness and inner peace. You can use these techniques at work, at home, and even while you are in the midst of activity. You will see real benefits.

Vikas has an amazing gift of making the ancient wisdom of meditation and mindfulness extremely simple to understand and easy to practice. Students and teachers from all over the world have come to learn from him.

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Facts about meditation

1) Meditation is the process of creating the best life for yourself, and sharing your best with others too.

2) Meditation taught at SoulCentre is totally non-religious.

3) Meditation is highly effective in reducing stress.

4) Meditation creates anti-ageing effects in the body and mind.

5) Meditation leads to better physical health and harmony.

6) Meditation is scientifically proven & is practiced around the world.

7) Meditation gives you access to your highest happiness, peace & success.

8) Meditation has given birth to all genuine holistic healing methods.

Join our life changing ‘Meditation Made Simple’ program and see the positive benefits for yourself!


“I decided to take up classes in SoulCentre for only one reason, I wanted to live my life better. 

The wisdom of Vikas, the techniques of meditation and the life changing wisdom stories etc really changed my life… 

Vikas, the Worlds’ #1 Wisdom coach, is so down to earth, a very caring and loving teacher. For those who want to learn about true wisdom or wish to change their life, pick up your courage like I did and come to SoulCentre.”

– Trina Sye Teng, Corporate Executive, Singapore

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Meditation Level 2 – Meditation in Action™

Meditation in Action strengthens your foundation and also deepens your understanding of the wisdom and practice of meditation. It will empower you to manage the challenges life presents in a much more efficient manner.

Vikas will guide you deeper into the wisdom, concepts, tools and practice of meditation. You will deepen your understanding about concepts such as the ‘3 Anchors of Meditation’, ‘The Laws of the Mind’ and the ‘Human Trinity Model’ that Vikas created over 20 years ago, and which have since revolutionised the teaching of meditation worldwide.

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You will also be introduced to concepts such as ‘The Triangle of Creation’ and ‘The Game of Life’, which will empower you to make meditation a part of your daily, active living.

Advanced techniques of meditation will also be taught, which will empower you and enhance the happiness and joy you feel in daily life. Your ability to concentrate will improve, your focus will be enhanced and you will become empowered to live by choice, not by chance.

With meditation, the mind becomes one pointed and calm, instead of constantly being restless. One gains more ability to direct the mind to a specific task. You will become stronger internally, and be able to handle the challenges that life may present in an optimal manner.

Vikas will guide you to set a daily routine and show you how to apply the lessons of meditation in your relationships, health, career, financial abundance and personal growth.

As a result of ‘Meditation in Action’, you will become happier, calmer, more focused, and take greater control of your life. You will manage stress better and be able to create the life you choose to.

“Meditation makes life a celebration.” -Vikas


“Learning meditation at SoulCentre has been a life-changing experience for me.
Vikas is known as the #1 Wisdom Coach for a good reason.
I learnt the deepest wisdom of life but it was all fun. I became calmer, happier and more focused after learning from Vikas.
I am so happy I met Vikas and always grateful for the opportunity to study at SoulCentre. It changed my Life massively!”

– Kim Dinh, Life Coach, Australia

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Meditation Level 3 – Masters of Meditation™

Masters of Meditation is a training program of advanced wisdom and techniques of meditation that make you a master of your mind and life. You gain the ability to release emotional trauma, tap into your subconscious mind and shape your life by choice.

Learn the highest wisdom of life and the secret practices of meditation that empower you to release emotional trauma, tap into your subconscious mind and shape your life by choice.

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The results are amazing and you can see tangible benefits coming into your life.

Masters of Meditation will teach you the process of manifestation and enable you to become a conscious creator of your life. Your sense of inner power, freedom, calmness & happiness will sky-rocket. The lessons you learn will empower you to master all aspects of your life.

“Live your life on a foundation of meditation. It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and others!” – Vikas 

At the highest level, meditation is about understanding the game of life, and playing it in a masterful manner. The Masters of Meditation training also includes learning about how thoughts become beliefs which then silently rule your life. Learn powerful techniques to develop a ‘happy mind’, identifying how emotional pain is created and finding solutions for inner suffering, rising above daily stress, and finding freedom from pains in the past.

Certain secret techniques of meditation which are only passed on from master to student will be taught and practiced. Parables & stories with valuable life lessons will be studied and applied to daily life.

You will understand how the Universal laws influence your life, and how to use them to your benefit. Additionally, Vikas will give you the full explanation of Karma, the iron law of the Universe. You will learn how to use Karma to your benefit. With this new understanding your life will never be the same again.

Anyone who wishes to live a life of happiness, stability and security will benefit from this training.

Important Note: You need to have completed Meditation Made Simple™ and Meditation in Action™ to attend this training.


“Going to Soul Centre and learning meditation from Vikas is the best decision I have made. Its life changing.
He is an amazing teacher and I will always continue learning and growing in this family of Soul Centre.”

– Trish Lim Yong, Corporate Executive, Singapore 

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Meditation Level 4 – Certified Meditation Teacher Training™

Transform yourself and inspire others. Become a certified teacher of our unique meditation programs, through our Teacher Training program. Go out into the world and inspire others.

Vikas Malkani spent many years of his life learning from enlightened Masters in India.

These teachers were the holders of the most ancient truths and wisdom on our planet. Wisdom that shows us our own true capabilities and gives us the power to create our own reality. This wisdom brings us to freedom, and attracts happiness, success, empowerment and fulfilment into our life.

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Vikas committed his early life to finding the truth. He sought out and studied with enlightened gurus for over 15 years and applied everything to himself and his life. Eventually he experienced his own awakening at the age of 29.

He then left his former life as the Managing Director of a highly successful Indian firm and the heir to a family business empire, and instead became a teacher of wisdom, to show the truth to people around the world and wake them up to their own potential and purpose.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to making the ancient wisdom simple and practical for modern day use, and has been sharing it with people everywhere. Vikas is considered one of the leading teachers of mind and meditation globally, and is popularly called the ‘world’s #1 wisdom coach’.

Over 20 years ago, Vikas simplified the wisdom teachings of the enlightened masters and made them practical for today’s society with his original models and concepts.

These unique programs and concepts of meditation have revolutionised the teaching of meditation worldwide.

These include our trademarked meditation programs called ‘Meditation Made Simple’, ‘Meditation in Action’, ‘Masters of Meditation’, and concepts/models such as ‘3 Anchors of Meditation’, the ‘Laws of the Mind’, the ‘Human Trinity Model’, the ‘Triangle of Creation’ and the ‘Game of Life’, and many more which empower students to make meditation a part of daily, active living.

All our meditation programs are scientific in nature and they are non-religious.

They can be learned and used by people around the world, regardless of their personal beliefs. These programs are extremely effective, and bring tangible benefits.

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher and spread this ancient knowledge to others around the world. You will be trained by Vikas himself.

You will go through all levels of our meditation programs and also be trained in how to be a good teacher.

Vikas will personally coach you and share his secrets of excellence with you. Step by step you will be guided to the highest wisdom of meditation.

Upon successful completion of your training, you will be licensed to teach the unique SoulCentre meditation programs under our guidelines to people around the world.  

SoulCentre offers a professional package of manuals, marketing and methods to our certified teachers, including website support, visibility, ongoing support and sales and success training.

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“After learning from the best wisdom teacher on this planet, Vikas Malkani, I am now a certified Soul Centre Meditation Teacher. 
This learning and growing journey with the wonderful wisdom family at SoulCentre is nothing short of amazing. 
Thank you, Mr. V! Your love, encouragement, trust, support and belief in me have made this dream of mine come true.”

– Grace Lim, Entrepreneur, Singapore

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Our Result Speaks For Themselves

“Vikas is a master storyteller sharing ancient wisdom in an entertaining and applicable way and recreating a sacred space for all of us in search of a higher truth in our fast-paced world.
Thank you SoulCentre!”

Laree Henning, Teacher, USA

“Vikas is the Steve Jobs of wisdom. He is truly the best teacher of wisdom I have encountered.”

Ankush Wadhwa, Entrepreneur, India

“The journey of learning wisdom has been life changing and I truly enjoyed myself.
In addition, it has allowed me to meet many great and positive people. But most important of all, for me to find a great Wisdom Teacher, Coach and friend, Vikas Malkani!”

Robin Liu, Life Coach, Singapore

“I highly recommend Vikas for his superior abilities to teach and guide you on how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.”

John Myerscough, Vice President (Finance), Rolls-Royce Asia