Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Private Coaching to Create Exponential Results in Life, Business, Career & Relationships

Private coaching sessions with Vikas or Sally are confidential, high value sessions where many breakthroughs happen!

Private coaching is the most effective way to take your life and results to the next level. 

You will gain clarity, confidence and certainty on any life issue.

These personal coaching sessions are ideal for:

  • Identifying your life-purpose
  • Discovering your fastest path to fulfilment
  • Maximising your inner potential & talents
  • Enhancing your life results
  • Increasing happiness
  • Optimizing relationships
  • Building a Personality Brand.
  • Becoming a Global Coach / Consultant / Author
  • Stabilizing your restless mind
  • Mastering your volatile emotions
  • Manifesting success & wealth
  • Gaining higher spiritual wisdom

And much more…

You will experience the same wisdom and methodology that Vikas & Sally use to coach Hollywood stars, royalty, sports champions, top CEO’s, professional speakers, educators, doctors, psychologists, holistic experts, life coaches, and countless others interested in maximising their personal and professional success.

Our private coaching sessions are high value, impactful and effective, resulting in breakthroughs.

Private coaching is the most effective way to take your life and results to the next level.

Sessions can be booked with Vikas or Sally (sessions can be done in person, on phone or virtually, as convenient)

We can support you on many aspects of life.

  • Personal development
  • Happiness, fulfilment and joy of life
  • Finding purpose and passion
  • Improving relationships
  • Health and healing
  • Mental and emotional wellness
  • Creating success and income
  • Building your own brand and business
  • Increasing clarity and confidence
  • Spiritual Growth

On our complimentary strategy call, we will discuss how best we can help you and which of our coaching options will bring you the greatest benefits.

  • Private One-on-One Coaching – for specific guidance and solutions on any life issue
  • Executive & Business Coaching – for growing your brand, career, business & revenue
  • Platinum Inner Circle Coaching – for those committed to their own spiritual & material success

Investment for private coaching starts from SGD 750 for 1 session.

We offer packages that extend even greater value, and inner circle membership for those committed to their own growth.

You can use the package sessions at your own pace and convenience.

Private coaching packages are also supported by our Online training modules which you can enjoy at your convenience, and an Exclusive FB Coaching and Support Group

Payment Plans are available.

Clients Profile

We coach clients from around the world – Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Bali, India, China, Hong Kong and more…

Our clients come from all levels of society and different degrees of success – from those who are just starting out in their personal and professional success to those who are already running successful careers and businesses.

We have coached Business Tycoons, CEO’s, Award-Winning Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Fund Managers, Doctors, PhD Scientists, Hollywood Celebrities, Political Leaders and Royalty.

We also train teams and coach leaders in global corporations like Rolls Royce, Proctor & Gamble, Siemens, Nike, Mandarin Oriental, Standard Chartered, LEGO, Thermo Fisher, Ogilvy & Mather, Work Pac, YPO, Anglo American Mining, ASTRO, Airtel, YEO, Avon and more.

Results Focus

Our passion is to empower, elevate and enlighten you so that you can enjoy a life of success and happiness.

To book a complimentary 15-minute strategy call with Vikas or Sally, use the form below

I am interested in private coaching. Please give me a no-obligations call to see if we can work together to take my life & results to the next level



Our Result Speaks For Themselves

“Sally is exceptional, you will come away with sound advice and break-through ideas that will change your perception of how life works. Once you understand this, life changing results will happen, and things can only get better and better.

Sally has many life stories and deep wisdom to share and I highly recommend her teachings to help improve your personal, relationship and business success.”



David Cardaci, Technical Manager (BE Mech)
“Forget the rest if you want the best….Simply put, I believe that Vikas is the world’s number one wisdom coach. He has decades of knowledge and wisdom learnt from some of the wisest minds and masters, yet further enhanced by his own magnanimous ability to deliver his wisdom in a modern context and a beauty of simplicity. Vikas has the incredible ability to rapidly understand you as a person and therefore share ideas and strategies which are tailored to support you, and that will challenge your thinking and expand your mind. Cumulatively it allamounts to an unprecedented gift which he shares to help people from every spectrum of life, to create lives and businesses of more integrity, impact and influence. I highly recommend Vikas Malkani, if you want to live and work at your highest potential of impact and income.”
Marko Ilincic, Vistage Group Chairman, UK

“I have known Sally Forest for over 5 years now. Sally always radiates positivity and one feels energised simply being in her presence. She radiates from within.

Sally empowers people with tools, insights and powerful motivations to bring out one’s potential.

Proximity is power and I am blessed indeed that she has mentored me through some of the tough moments of my life.

If one is looking for clarity and directions to optimise life then you need to have her in your life !”

Tony Tan Deputy CEO, Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd

‘I believe that in life and in business, we have a duty to bring in the best minds and advice we can, so we can serve our clients in the best possible manner and produce exponential results.That’s why we work with legends like Vikas Malkani’

Peter Diaz, CEO, Workplace Mental Health Institute, Australia

“Sally is an inspiration for me. She lives what she teaches. She is on purpose. She makes her dreams come true. She enjoys life to the max.Sally positively impacts the lives of many people with her practical wisdom, compassion and care, humour,and professionalism. She understands life like an old, wise master and is full of energy, joy,and passion like a young, playful child.Every time I engage with Sally, I feel inspired, uplifted, empowered,and grateful. She is one of those rare individuals who has truly touched my life for the good. “

Anton Broers, CEO of Mind Ur Life, Netherlands