Reiki and Healing

Reiki and Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word for describing the Universal life force energy, often called “Chi /Qi”

It is the unseen energy that is around us and that always has an influence on us. It is the same energy that makes the plants grow, the winds blow and the tides flow. In fact it is everywhere and in everything around you. Reiki is a simple technique that harnesses this energy and uses it to bring healing to the mind, body and emotions.

The comment we hear most from our students is, “I just wish I had learnt this earlier.”

Register for a Reiki course with The Professional Reiki Academy at SoulCentre, Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre, and begin your journey today! You are in great hands as Sally is a medical pharmacist with over 20 years of Reiki experience and the teachings we provide are first class.

Reiki Level 1 – The Physical Aspects of Reiki™

A comprehensive professional training that includes theory and practical applications.

After the class you will be confident and competent in using Reiki on yourself, your family and loved ones.

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What does the teaching include?

  • The history and principles of Reiki.
  • The hand positions and meanings to heal all aspects on the body.
  • The use of Reiki on children, animals and in the home.
  • Energy balances that benefit you and your personal healing.
  • Professional and Comprehensive Manuals
  • Follow up support as part of the Community. 
What are the benefits of Reiki?

“All healing begins within.” is Sally’s mantra.

The ancient masters have long ago said a happy mind is a healthy mind and this results in a healthy body.

The Reiki technique is able to give you a happy mind and thus lead you to optimum health and happiness.

Reiki can therefore be utilized to bring optimal health and healing on four key levels:

  1. Physical: it alleviates pain, detoxifies the body, improves symptoms and accelerates the body’s natural healing power within. After learning Reiki many people see more balance and harmony in their life style. Old habits, which may be detrimental to the body, seem to slip away.
  2. Mental: Reiki affects our deepest thoughts as well as our conditioned ways of thinking. The mind becomes more open and more positive. It is easier to see the negative thoughts arising and to see the effects they have on mood and emotions. Reiki brings an inner calm and an awareness that peace, love and harmony are natural states of being.
  3. Emotional: Reiki flows deep into the subconscious mind, and shows us our thought patterns. Negative emotions like anger/ fear/ worry/ jealousy simply hold us back and are a waste of our natural energy. A deep understanding of unconditional love is developed, and the need to control starts to move away. You become more in the flow of life and amazing synchronicity start to happen after Reiki.
  4. Spiritual: A new world starts to open up, one of love, joy, compassion and non-judgment! A feeling of connection arises and the ego starts to reduce. A realization develops that all life is one, and there is no need to feel separate, when in fact we are part of a much larger, exciting universe, which is unlimited in its potential and possibilities.


“In just one day my life transformed. I felt different; the burden, the dark clouds, just disappeared. My wife, went through Reiki with me as well and she also felt it.

My colleagues, my family members, my friends, when they look at me, they now say I am a different person, and they wonder, what did he go through? Why is he so uplifted, so positive in life?

The expertise and depth of wisdom that was taught acted as a switch to my mindset that gave me the answers to my issues. I left the negative spiral, and I went upwards. I can say it is a quantum leap upwards. That is why my colleagues also went and signed up for the Reiki classes.”

Chia Eng Heng


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Reiki Level 2 – The Emotional Aspects of Reiki™

Often we have emotional reactions to life situations and we do not know why. These emotions could be due to deep-rooted emotional feelings that have stayed with us for ages.

These emotions can include anger, jealousy, mistrust, resentment, feelings of not being good enough, fear. . . the list continues.

At Reiki Level 2, techniques are taught to support these issues and to bring you and your clients to happiness and harmony.

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What does the teaching include?

  • The teaching includes a full refresher of Reiki Level 1
  • How to use the energetic Reiki Symbols for daily benefit.
  • Managing and healing emotional issues
  • Chronic illnesses and how to support
  • Distant healing to support those who live away from you
  • Using Reiki in the home and office
  • How to maintain happiness no matter what life throws at you.


“When you entrust yourself or your health to someone, you are really looking for someone who is trustworthy, professional, credible and caring. That is Sally. What stood out about her is that she is a person of integrity. She is also one who is vibrant and connected to life. She radiates fun, is very knowledgeable and is compassionate, not judgemental.”

Yvonne Corpuz

HR Director

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Reiki Level 3 – Master yourself with Reiki – Reiki Masters™

Reiki Master Training is a personal journey where you use Reiki to master yourself. It is for the dedicated student of Reiki.You receive personal guidance in developing all aspects of your life.

This course with Sally and The Professional Reiki Academy is truly life-changing, and many Reiki teachers from all over the world have benefited. Life changes and becomes more beautiful after Reiki Master.

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The Spiritual aspects of Reiki are explored along with the deeper spiritual meanings and messages of life. Reiki Master is a journey in self-discovery and self-mastery and it is tailored to each student.

Reiki Masters stay connected to the wisdom through distant learning and support structures.

Students are able to see their beliefs, patterns and habits that are creating their life situations.

They are then able to make the changes that they feel are necessary in order to live a life of happiness and purpose.
Simply put, Reiki Master is life changing and brings you to wholeness.


“Sally has made such a huge impact on my life, I wish I had known her earlier. Sally is one of the most authentic people I have met and as a teacher and coach, she pushes you to achieve your highest potential. She is selfless and generous in her sharing and extremely knowledgeable.”

Grace Lim


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Reiki Teacher Training – Accredited to The Professional Reiki Academy™

For those who have completed all 3 levels of Reiki and feel the need for a complete training on Reiki at the highest level.

For the dedicated and passionate students who want to teach reiki to others.

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On graduating as a Reiki Master please register your interest to attend this program.

A small team of authentic, professional, passionate and dedicated Masters will work alongside Sally through The Professional Reiki Academy to teach and provide Reiki to clients the world over.

SoulCentre has a global reach and so will benefit students and clients the world over.


“Sally imparts practicality, authenticity, kindness and love in sharing her wisdom. Whoever enters the doors of SoulCentre is special to Sally. She has a kind & special message for everybody, which is unique and life changing to each receiver. I am truly blessed to have Sally as my Teacher, my Reiki Master as I go through my journey in life. She is simply the best!”

Cheong Choy Kiew

Executive Coach

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Our Result Speaks For Themselves

Wow my health improved after the first weekend of learning Reiki with Sally. The headaches that I had for so many years have vanished. I cannot thank Sally enough. She is so caring, kind, considerate and is able to answer everyone’s questions. I find her to be exceptional. Other people in my class also were healed from things like eczema, anxiety, depression. . . Sally is magical.

Mrs Olive Low

My experience with Sally was fantastic, the medical aspects as well as the spirituality of Reiki was explained very clearly. Her knowledge and wisdom are amazing. I don’t believe other masters can do it as well. I definitely recommend people take up the course with Sally and quickly benefit from it. It is amazing and life changing.

Carl Choong

Sally is very bright, someone who brightens up your day. She is forthcoming, positive, energizing and professional. She is very high energy, very caring and nurturing.  She gives 100% to you. She changed my life.

Mary Jo Porkorski

Sally is wonderful, amazing, fantastic. She is changing lives. She knows everything. I never Google anything anymore, I ask her. I did all of the Reiki courses with Sally. If I have a question, I go back to the material or I ask her. You get practical tools that you can use. Very structured. I feel like it has been the best learning experience ever.

Katherine Sawtell

Sally has made such a huge impact on my life,I wish I had known her earlier.Sally is one of the most authentic people I have met and as a teacher and coach, she pushesyou to achieve your highest potential.She is selfless and generous in her sharing and extremely knowledgeable.

Grace Lim