Children need more than academic education; they need Life Skills.

Skills that will help them create happiness in their relationships and success in their lives.

Children need to be ready for the future that’s coming by developing inner skills for emotional stability, positive thinking, mental resilience, enhanced focus, expanded vision, teamwork, and more.

SoulKids is an award-winning brand that has been coaching adults and children with skills that ensure a life of clarity, certainty and confidence.

Become a part of SoulKids and help children grow with happiness and success in life.

SoulKids is an Award-Winning Brand

SoulKids has been recognized and awarded for its Excellence.

Here are some of the SoulKids Achievement

  • 2014 – Awarded Licensor of the Year in Singapore
  • 2015 – Awarded as ‘Best Life Skills Program’ by Harpers Bazar Magazine
  • 2016 – Awarded as ‘Best Life Skills Program’ by Parents World Magazine
  • 2016 – Vikas Malkani receives Singapore Business Leader Award in recognition of our excellence in providing life skills training to children and adults worldwide.
  • 2017 – Selected as a ‘Brand Icon’ by Icons of Singapore during SG 50 Commemoration.
  • 2019 – Launched our Global SoulKids Coach training program in Romania
  • 2021 – Launched our on-line SoulKids Coach Training program globally

Our greatest achievements however are the children we work with and the lives we transform.

Every child sees immediate results and benefits, and their lives change.

We support children through life issues, the ups and the downs.

Even the most challenging of potential suicide children who have been coached by us, have ALL changed their lives around through SoulKids!

This is the biggest reward ever for us.

Become a SoulKids Coach

Inspire and Empower children to create happiness and success. Learn proven skills and strategies to create future ready children.

Make a positive difference in the lives of children and in the lives of future generations. Contribute meaning, purpose and inspiration to every child you connect with. Develop the skills needed for the 21st century and beyond.

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At SoulKids we use 17 major skills that every child needs to become future ready. Life Skills needed for happiness and success, and skills that are not taught in traditional schools. In this training, we coach you in our award-winning tools, techniques, stories and methodologies that you can use with children the world over.

SoulKids is proven for over 18 years and in over 20 countries. SoulKids is an award-winning brand that changes lives, not only of children, but of parents and adults too.

Become a SoulKids Coach, get trained by the founders themselves, and begin to inspire and impact the life of every child and adult you meet.

Who is this for?

SoulKids Coach training is relevant to every parent, to-be parent and for anyone who works with children in any capacity.

If you want to improve the lives of your children or other children that you teach, coach or work with, SoulKids Coach training is the best and most effective path for you.

NO previous experience is needed, we provide full and comprehensive training.

If you fall into one of these categories then it is perfect for you!

  • Parents (or Parents-to-be)
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Counsellors
  • Educators
  • Aunts/ Uncles/ God parents / Grandparents
  • Anyone with a passion to support children to grow
  • Anyone wanting to develop a coaching business with children and earn additional income.

What does the training include?

We believe you can only give to another what you already have.

With this in mind, we use the SoulKids techniques and strategies to first coach you to identify and maximize your own potential and mindset; we empower you to create your own success and happiness.

We give you proven tools, effective strategies, case studies, unique frameworks, wisdom stories and experiences that truly bring out the best from within you.

Then you begin to share this with children and coach them to create a life of confidence, clarity and certainty.

SoulKids empowers children with effective inner skills necessary to create a life of success and happiness.

Children become motivated to drive their own life, happiness and success.

Children understand and learn to manage their emotions.

Children start to see their strengths and to build on these.

SoulKids is future-focused and provides experiential learning, coaching and training on skills such as;

  • Resilience
  • Mindset
  • Emotional Stability
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Vision
  • Self-Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Self-Awareness
  • Clarity
  • Teamwork
  • Focus

. . .  and much more.

SoulKids is NOT religious and we welcome adults and children from all faiths and all walks of life.

Our methods have been tested and proven, with over 20 different nationalities across different cultures. SoulKids gets the results every time!


“The SoulKids coaching was simply awesome and inspiring.

Vikas is amazing- believe and trust in him and you will see a positive change in yourself, making you so happy, just like it did with me. It is magical.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vikas & Sally, SoulKids is amazing.”

Harveen Kaur

Connect with us for more details and to book a complimentary 30 minute discussion to see if SoulKids is the perfect fit for you.

One on One Coaching for Children

Children need more than academic education; they need Life-Skills that will empower them to become happy, successful and confident. They need a new set of skills to be future-ready and SoulKids provides this.

Skills that enhance and strengthen their emotional stability, inner resilience, teamwork, leadership, focus, creativity and more.

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How do children benefit?

  • They get more clarity
  • They develop a stronger self-confidence in their abilities
  • They understand their potential and how to achieve it
  • They develop emotional stability
  • They create a positive mindset
  • They become more resilient
  • They learn how to manage negativity around them
  • They develop inner skills to create their own outer success
  • They understand how to use their emotions wisely
  • They become more self-aware and take responsibility for their life
  • They manage stress and anxiety better
  • They become self-motivated
  • Children mature into responsible, confident and mindful adults.

Children also become empowered with effective strategies and tools to handle change and challenges of life, such as…

  • Exam Pressure
  • Bullying at School
  • Parents going through a Divorce
  • Moving home or country
  • Social Prejudice
  • Peer pressure
  • Discovering their identity
  • Dealing with death, disappointment or failures in life.

Individual SoulKids Coaching sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of your child.

Tools and techniques are used which support your child’s growth, happiness and bring out their inner potential.

High performing children as well as children who are experiencing challenges in their life journey, will all benefit.

Examples include:

  • Life skills coaching to bring out the best in your child.
  • Career coaching, identifying strengths in children.
  • High achieving children who need additional stimulation.
  • Pre Teenage life skills to equip them with emotional resilience.
  • Mind Set coaching.
  • Overcoming low Self Esteem challenges.
  • Managing major life changes (Moving country, divorce, death, injury…)
  • Handling emotional Issues; anger, jealousy, fear, worry..
  • Managing social Media issues; being bullied, addiction, fear.
  • Supporting school related issues; exam pressure, feeling left out, bullied.
  • Empowering children with tools to handle family issues; parent relationships, sibling rivalry and cultural issues.

Over the years we have experienced just about every scenario possible, so please do not have any concerns, no matter the issue, SoulKids is able to support.

In order to gain trust of the child, the discussions are kept confidential.

Investment: The cost of a one hour individual coaching session with a certified SoulKids coach is S$150.

A package of 3 sessions is S$400

A package of 6 sessions is S$700.

Packages can be shared between children from the same family.

Coaching sessions are conducted in a safe environment and at a date and time mutually decided between the parent and the SoulKids coach.

Our SoulKids Coaches are trained, capable and ready to support your child in all aspects. 


“Since SoulKids I have seen the best of my children come out! They are blossoming into secure, self-aware and emotionally intelligent children. Even when we have to deal with ‘ bad behaviors’, we just talk about the ‘ negative talk’ that helps them to quickly change their attitude.

I truly recommend SoulKids to any parents who want to raise happy, responsible, confident children! And even more importantly for parents who truly want their child to know their heart’s desires and follow their dreams!”

Delphine Lyttleton

Connect with us to register your child for a one on one coaching session.

SoulKids Group Programs

Our 3 hour SoulKids Program lets your child experience the SoulKids magic in more depth.

Children learn valuable lessons and gain wisdom through fun stories, games and activities.

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Some of the key learning points:

  • Your value never changes no matter what others say
  • Doing new things encourages growth
  • Self-confidence is clear to see
  • High self-esteem brings out the best in you
  • Team work is necessary in life
  • Positive thinking makes me happier
  • Focus is important for success
  • How to learn from negative experiences
  • Comparison is not necessary, be your unique self.

For Age Groups: 6-9 Year old and 10-13 Year old
Program duration: 3 Hours
Investment : S$99


“The program is fun and exciting. The games are fun and the stories shared are meaningful. The mentors are great and very kind. The stories offer me life lessons to learn and to follow. It has also taught me how to ignore bad things in my life and look forward to good things. Basically, I love everything – mentors, friends, stories, games, environment and more…. I just love SoulKids!”

Frodo, 8, India

Connect with us to register your child for a one on one coaching session.


Our Result Speaks For Themselves

I love SoulKids! I think you learn so much by going there. I learnt that everyone is special and awesome in their own unique way! Everyone in life has pro’s and con’s, but you are the coolest person in the whole wide world just the way you are.

Anthea, 12, Switzerland

“I love the games and lessons that they teach. I learnt self-confidence and to be yourself. The lessons of the stories really taught me the most. I learnt to be confident, and not to believe in fears- but to walk towards them.”


Olivia, 11, Australia

My son completed the self-confidence module this weekend… and could today conquer the world. He had previously been unhappy and now has the world at his feet, he knows and he feels good about it, and can’t wait to be the best he can. Thank you, from deep in our hearts, for helping him, and giving him back his freedom.

Colleen Daymond King

SoulKids planted a seed of positivity and happiness in Kaytie’s world. More importantly, the confidence and empowerment to know and accept the responsibility that it is hers to have and hold and nurture and become. Life has never been quite the same since SoulKids! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole SoulKids team for making such a huge difference!

Karita Morales

“SoulKids has benefitted me tremendously as I coach my own child, my extended family’s children as well as coaching professionally. Vikas is a man of wisdom, unlike anyone I have met before. The program is Amazing, Awesome and Unbelievable!”

Ong Chia Lee