Reiki Healing – How to develop a healing touch

Reiki is a gentle, hands on healing practice that brings so many benefits to the body. It is easy to learn and remains with you for life. Reiki allows the body to move into a state of balance and this means that the body is better equipped to heal itself. Have you ever had one of those moments when you are completely absorbed or lost in nature? Maybe you are sitting on the beach and watching a sunset, or, you have just climbed to the top of a mountain and are admiring the view.

At that moment everything else is forgotten; your aches and pains, your stresses and worries of life…in fact you are so completely absorbed in the moment that you feel so alive and in bliss. This is what I call the “Reiki feeling”, and once you learn Reiki you simply put your hands on your own body and the “Reiki feeling” results. Anyone and everyone can learn Reiki and at SoulCentre we have taught children from the age of 6 all the way to adults of 86.

So how do you develop the Reiki healing touch?

You need to attend a basic level Reiki class and during the class you will learn all about the hand positions on the body and how emotions are stored in certain areas of the body.

By simply putting your hands in certain positions on your body, the Reiki flows into the body and can have significant benefits not only to physical healing, but also to emotional and mental issues.

For example if you suffer from migraines, once you start to learn Reiki you may realise that you are being too hard on yourself, or expecting too much from others and by using Reiki your body starts to adjust. In addition, emotionally you feel happier and more stable and and you start to let go of things you cannot control.

The result is a healthier you and the migraines improve. At SoulCentre we have taught thousands of students, many with healing needs. Reiki works on everything! It is also a great first aid kit to have in your hands for any and every occasion. Reiki really is easy to learn and you become so enthusiastic you cannot wait to get started on your own body and also your friends and family.

As Sally says “ Keep those hot hands working and there is never an excuse to have lazy hands “

We teach all the way from a beginner to Reiki Master level.


Sally Forrest BSc, MRPharmS, MBA


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