David Cardaci, Technical Manager (BE Mech)

“Sally is exceptional, you will come away with sound advice and break-through ideas that will change your perception of how life works. Once you understand this, life changing results will happen, and things can only get better and better. Sally has many life stories and deep wisdom to share and I highly recommend her teachings […]

Marko Ilincic, Vistage Group Chairman, UK

“Forget the rest if you want the best….Simply put, I believe that Vikas is the world’s number one wisdom coach. He has decades of knowledge and wisdom learnt from some of the wisest minds and masters, yet further enhanced by his own magnanimous ability to deliver his wisdom in a modern context and a beauty […]

Tony Tan Deputy CEO, Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd

“I have known Sally Forest for over 5 years now. Sally always radiates positivity and one feels energised simply being in her presence. She radiates from within. Sally empowers people with tools, insights and powerful motivations to bring out one’s potential. Proximity is power and I am blessed indeed that she has mentored me through […]

Peter Diaz, CEO, Workplace Mental Health Institute, Australia

‘I believe that in life and in business, we have a duty to bring in the best minds and advice we can, so we can serve our clients in the best possible manner and produce exponential results.That’s why we work with legends like Vikas Malkani’

Anton Broers, CEO of Mind Ur Life, Netherlands

“Sally is an inspiration for me. She lives what she teaches. She is on purpose. She makes her dreams come true. She enjoys life to the max.Sally positively impacts the lives of many people with her practical wisdom, compassion and care, humour,and professionalism. She understands life like an old, wise master and is full of […]