Etienne Szivo EVP Global Sales & Head of GCM Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

“Vikas conducted a series of training workshops at Siemens Healthcare Asia for one of our leadership teams. His training style is inspirational and he is able to share knowledge that creates positive change in a smooth and easy manner. The team found his training very beneficial and the positive effects were visible and long lasting […]

Dato Professor Dr. Nor Khairullah, CEO, Malaysian Liver Foundation

“We found training with Vikas to be truly inspirational and very effective. The team left feeling energised, so much so that we were still buzzing with excitement for weeks after the workshop. I would highly recommend everyone to invite Vikas to inspire your workforce. It will be the best thing you can do for them.” 

Goran Musulin, HR Director (Asia & Australia) Siemens Healthcare Singapore

I now realize that the greatest gift that you can give yourself is meditation I would like to thank Vikas for his inspirational and energizing teachings. I am very grateful and happy that life brought me to this amazing master of wisdom and wonderful human being when I just needed it the most.