Nici Schueler, Founder – Seasoned Singapore Expat Women 

Sally is an inspiration. She steered herself to the road less travelled. The road to inspire, to learn, to achieve and to teach. She walks her own talk and deserves all her accolades. She is a powerhouse –  intelligent, generous, resilient, relatable and kind. I admire her and hope she continues to shine her light […]

Mary Jo Pokorski, Therapist

“Sally is a woman of strength, passion and integrity. Well-spoken and consistently bringing high energy to her work, I have seen her inspire countless men and women to live purposefully; all with her eternal smile and uplifting presence. Committed to elevating people to where they want to be, Sally brings wisdom, professionalism and many years […]

Dana Ilies, SoulKids Mentor and Coach

“Sally is amazing, she believed in me before I did. She helped me find my passion and purpose, she guided me, she inspired me and I can say I am successful today because of her. I now inspire children in Romania!”

David Cardaci, Technical Manager (BE Mech)

“Sally is exceptional, you will come away with sound advice and break-through ideas that will change your perception of how life works. Once you understand this, life changing results will happen, and things can only get better and better. Sally has many life stories and deep wisdom to share and I highly recommend her teachings […]

Martin J Willis, Senior Manager

“Sally is able to translate the deep and complex meanings and lessons of ancient subjects into modern 21st century language and relate that to personal and professional growth.  The energy she exudes gives a clarity and decisiveness that helps to drive focus and from this focus clear actions arise.  I have been blessed to experience this […]