Mrs Olive Low

Wow my health improved after the first weekend of learning Reiki with Sally. The headaches that I had for so many years have vanished. I cannot thank Sally enough. She is so caring, kind, considerate and is able to answer everyone’s questions. I find her to be exceptional. Other people in my class also were […]

Carl Choong

My experience with Sally was fantastic, the medical aspects as well as the spirituality of Reiki was explained very clearly. Her knowledge and wisdom are amazing. I don’t believe other masters can do it as well. I definitely recommend people take up the course with Sally and quickly benefit from it. It is amazing and […]

Mary Jo Porkorski

Sally is very bright, someone who brightens up your day. She is forthcoming, positive, energizing and professional. She is very high energy, very caring and nurturing.  She gives 100% to you. She changed my life.

Katherine Sawtell

Sally is wonderful, amazing, fantastic. She is changing lives. She knows everything. I never Google anything anymore, I ask her. I did all of the Reiki courses with Sally. If I have a question, I go back to the material or I ask her. You get practical tools that you can use. Very structured. I […]

Grace Lim

Sally has made such a huge impact on my life,I wish I had known her earlier.Sally is one of the most authentic people I have met and as a teacher and coach, she pushesyou to achieve your highest potential.She is selfless and generous in her sharing and extremely knowledgeable.