Anthea, 12, Switzerland

I love SoulKids! I think you learn so much by going there. I learnt that everyone is special and awesome in their own unique way! Everyone in life has pro’s and con’s, but you are the coolest person in the whole wide world just the way you are.

Olivia, 11, Australia

“I love the games and lessons that they teach. I learnt self-confidence and to be yourself. The lessons of the stories really taught me the most. I learnt to be confident, and not to believe in fears- but to walk towards them.”  

Colleen Daymond King

My son completed the self-confidence module this weekend… and could today conquer the world. He had previously been unhappy and now has the world at his feet, he knows and he feels good about it, and can’t wait to be the best he can. Thank you, from deep in our hearts, for helping him, and […]

Karita Morales

SoulKids planted a seed of positivity and happiness in Kaytie’s world. More importantly, the confidence and empowerment to know and accept the responsibility that it is hers to have and hold and nurture and become. Life has never been quite the same since SoulKids! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole SoulKids team […]

Ong Chia Lee

“SoulKids has benefitted me tremendously as I coach my own child, my extended family’s children as well as coaching professionally. Vikas is a man of wisdom, unlike anyone I have met before. The program is Amazing, Awesome and Unbelievable!”