The Guru And The English Rose

This Book Will Change Your Life!

The Guru And The English Rose.

The Guru And The English Rose Is A Remarkable Story Of How One Woman Went On A Quest To Create A Life Of Purpose And Passion. Along The Journey She Was Tested, Challenged, Disappointed, Surprised, Betrayed, Loved, Empowered, Elevated And Enlightened.

Her Life Took Her From The West To The East, From The Known To The Unknown, From The Modern To The Ancient And From This Journey Emerged A Life Of Authenticity, Courage And Miracles.
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This Book Will:

  • Fill you with wonder and give you hope.

  • Show you the way to a new life.

  • Inspire you to follow your heart and realize your dreams

  • Encourage and empower you to take the first step.

  • Remove the fears of change.

  • Guide you to discover the real, unique you.

  • Lay out the blueprint to happiness and success.

  • Reveal the way to create a loving relationship with your soulmate.

Full of wonderful wisdom lessons, Sally’s story is inspirational, impactful and contains all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster. It will guide you to live an authentic life, create your own miracles and find true happiness.

This is a book you will not be able to put down.

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Sally Delivers Great Results

This Book will leave you with Goosebumps!

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Sally’s story is breathtaking. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and will be an inspiring movie for people on a search for wholeness.

Lena Murisier

Award-Winning Script Writer.

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“Sally is a great inspiration to those who want to create a life of success and significance.
You will find inspiration as you read this book, cover-to-cover, and then return for practical reminders of what you can do today, in this very moment, to bring more happiness, purpose and meaning to your life.
This book offers practical steps to help you navigate life’s many challenges. It is entertaining, enlightening, and filled with wisdom nuggets that will bring you closer to a life of compassion, love, and self-realisation.

Dato Joey Yap

 Founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and Best-Selling   Author, Malaysia.
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 “Sally is a beautiful and strong person who writes from the heart with much wisdom and much compassion. Her challenges are relatable; her results are breath-taking.
Having had the courage to follow her heart, she inspires us to look more deeply into ours. For there we unlock the capacity for greater happiness, meaning and purpose in life.”

Yvonne Corpuz,

Global Executive, Sydney, Australia.
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A must-read. No matter how young or old you are, this book touches you with wise life lessons.
The story of Sally Forrest could also be your story in search of the meaning of life.
Yet there is a big difference. Sally shows you in “The Guru and The English Rose” how to take the steps to live your own happy life, without fear.

Maurice van der Kant

Founder of Booking World Speakers, Belgium.
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“Sally is an inspiration for so many people who want to live with authenticity and miracles. The Guru and The English Rose is inspirational as it is insightful. Full of lessons that can be applied in our own lives. I loved it.”

Ruth Chua

Managing Partner, Aphrozone Singapore Pte Ltd.

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“This is a story of inspiration and impact from a woman of success and significance.
Sally’s life story contains all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster, spiced up with wisdom lessons that can change the way you live your life.
I could not put it down, and I am sure you won’t either. I highly recommend it”

Pin Lim

CEO Pirtek Asia (Singapore)

Introducing Sally Forrest

Sally is known as a 360 Entrepreneur having vast business as well as holistic experience.
She is a coach, an author, a global speaker, a TEDx Speaker and is regularly sought after by the media.
Sally is a pharmacist, has an MBA and extensive business experience. She is the Managing Director of SoulCentre based in Singapore.
She excelled in senior corporate positions for 17 years in the UK and internationally before choosing an alternate direction in her life. She left her lucrative career and tirelessly worked to help open an Orphanage in Thailand.
Exposure to different cultures ignited a deep fascination in mind-body healing and Sally embarked on an international journey to meet experts and travelled the world learning from these unique masters.
In the years that followed, Sally studied and mastered many disciplines including; Chinese Metaphysics, Ancient Indian Wisdom, Colour Medicine, Mind-Body Healing and many others.
Sally is the creator of Life Success 360, Health Success 360, SoulCentre and SoulKids – the award winning life-skills program which focusses on self-esteem and self-belief for children.
Sally has a depth of knowledge in both Eastern and Western Healing practices and you are in great hands!